How to Choose The Right Dump Trailer

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If you’ve been considering purchasing a dump trailer whether it be for your business or for personal use, it may surprise you just how many options are available. This can make the decision process daunting. The experts here at 4C’s Trailers Direct have put together the following tips and considerations to take the guesswork out of buying a new dump trailer.

Start with the end in mind

Consider how you plan to use your new dump trailer. Is this for business or personal use? You may have a specific primary need for a dump trailer, however a dump trailer can serve a multitude of functions. It can serve as a flatbed trailer, a dump box and as a utility trailer. It also allows you to enjoy the convenience of versatility without having to invest in a full sized dump truck - narrowing your options of uses. Another benefit of a dump trailer vs a dump truck, is that it allows the dump box to be unhooked and left on site while the driver has more freedom to come and go from the site.

A dump trailer can be hooked up to a pick up truck or other towing vehicle, and used to haul anything required to site. The trailer itself tilts up, and the back doors open to allow materials to be easily and quickly unloaded where needed.

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Know Your Size

Not all dump trailers are necessarily perfect for every need; our experienced in house fabrication team can even customize a tilt or dump trailer according to your specific requirements.

Once you’ve determined the main use(s) of your dump trailer, you need to decide what size trailer is best to accommodate those uses. Length of dump trailers vary from 8 to 30 feet, but the most common size is 14 feet for easy maneuverability. The width of dump trailers also vary, so it is important that you ensure there’s ample room for any and all loads that you may haul.

Watch Your Weight

Weight is always on a lot of people’s minds, but in this case we’re referring to your load weight. It’s very important to know the weight limits of both your dump trailer and the towing capacity of your vehicle. You must then ensure that what you will be hauling will fall safely and legally within those ratings.

Picking Your Options

Not all dump trailers are created equal. There are numerous options available, and some in stock dump trailers will already include some of the available options. Regardless, you will need to consider what is already included, as well as what is not - things like: floor material, how thick and high the sides are, hydraulic motor location, fenders, tool box(es), ramps, steps, tarp, the list goes on. Our trailer experts at 4C’s Trailers Direct are always available and happy to discuss all options available and whether they may be right for you.

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Safety First!

The most important consideration with your dump trailer purchase will be the safety of you and others. Regardless of what dump trailer you purchase, always be sure to look into the safety features of the trailer and ensure that everyone who uses the trailer are fully aware of how to operate it safely.

At 4C’s Trailers Direct, we are happy to assist you with your dump trailer purchase. We’re always open to discussing the vast network of dump trailer options to help you narrow down what is going to work best for you and your budget. View our in stock inventory and custom fabrication information on-line or come by for a look around!

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