News: HDSS Heavy Duty Suspension System

4C’s Trailers Direct, in it’s partnership with Load Trail trailers is proud to introduce a new suspension system available on trailers with Dexter axles ranging from 10,000 to 25,000lbs. Like the Load Trail brand of trailers, this suspension system is built tough to work as hard as you do. It is built to be balanced, easily adjusted, and withstand heavy loads. We think our customers will experience a difference in the purchase of their new trailers. Additionally, we will bringing in stock where HDSS is included as a standard option on some models.

HDSS Specifications:

  • Provides the ability for axle alignment through the adjustable trailing rods reducing dog tracking and increasing tire life.
  • Heavy duty mechanical suspension is designed for axles from 10,000 to 25,000lbs. in tandem sets.
  • Industry standard 49.00″ axle spacing provides better load balance and trailer stability.
  • Double slipper springs for better tracking and less maintenance.
  • Heavy duty hangers and equalizers are made from high yield fabricated light weight steel resulting in a lighter and more durable trailer suspension.
  • Extended life equalizer bushing lead to lower maintenance time and cost.
  • 5-year limited warranty on suspension system

Models with an available upgrade to the HDSS Suspension System include: GH22, GH24, GL22, GL24, GP22, GP24, GP30, GR24, GR30, GT24, GX22, PH22, PH24, PH30, PL22, PL24, PL30, PP22, PP24, PP30, PR22, PR24, PR30, PT24, PX22.