News: Integrated Brake Controllers

News from Load Trail©: Some Integrated Brake Controllers May not Function Properly

Recent research found that the new integrated brake controllers on various makes use the resistance of the brake magnets to see if the trailer is connected to/disconnected from the towing vehicle. When a trailer is connected to the towing vehicle, all of the lights may work but the towing vehicle may still recognize the trailer as disconnected. This is caused by the truck “viewing” but not recognizing the resistance of the brake magnet.

Some towing vehicle makes include;

Chevy | GMC | Dodge


To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below;


For Chevy & GMC;

Start the towing vehicle and connect the trailer plug to the towing vehicle.

Drive 7 miles, pull over and turn off the towing vehicle and remove the key. Leave the trailer connected to the towing vehicle.

Wait 1 minute, restart the towing vehicle. This should “force” the truck to recognize the trailer.



Dodge has an integrated brake module flash to resolve the issues for year models 2015 & 2016. Visit your local Dodge dealer to have the dealer perform the TSB 08-82-16 ITBM to resolve this issue.


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