News: Wireless Bluetooth Remote for Hydraulic Pumps

October 16, 2018

The bluetooth wireless remote control works with any 4C’s Load Trail trailer with a hydraulic pump built after January 2015. Installation is quick and simple, and you have the option to connect through a mobile device. The wireless remote has a range of about 40ft with no obstructions.  The receiver has a built-in shut off feature after being idle for 20 minutes, and has the ability to program up to 4 key fobs to one receiver.  The kit includes an inline 15 amp fuse on the power wire for protection, 5/16″ eyes are included on power and ground wires to ease installation to the battery.

Receiver Power and Ground Wire lengths: 24″.

2 Button receptacle connector wire length: 14″.

2 Button power unit connector wire length: 32″.

The detachable antenna has a 38″ wire.

Call 4C’s Trailers Direct to get yours!