Single Axle Trailers

Single Axle Trailers



The number of axles on a trailer determines whether it is a single or double. A single axle trailer has a single set of wheels as the name suggests while tandem axle trailers have two sets of wheels. A simple visual inspection will allow you to easily determine which type of trailer you’re looking at and find the best fit for your needs. At 4C’s Trailers Direct we have a variety of in-stock single axle trailers to meet your needs.


Why Choose A Single Axle Trailer?

For trailer shoppers with lower weight requirements the single axle trailer holds several advantages that you’ll certainly appreciate. A single axle is more friendly to maneuver than a tandem axle which will be especially noticeable in tight parking scenarios.  The relatively smaller size and weight of the single axle also contribute to better fuel efficiency in addition to the lower cost of the trailer itself. Maintenance for your trailer including tires and repair will also generally cost less.

Ultimately, it comes down to how much weight you need to tow but a single axle trailer is a great fit for many trailer shoppers, especially if it’s for personal use. If you’re not sure about your towing needs the team at 4C’s Trailers Direct has over 30 years of experience to help you make the right choice!