4C’s Trailers Direct is your one-stop-shop for all your trailer needs including a quality selection of new and used dump trailers. Start your search by browsing our inventory online and don’t hesitate to reach out with any of your questions. With over 30 years of experience we’re one of Alberta’s most trusted trailer experts. There are many different models and axle configurations available. Allow us to help you get into the model that is best suited to your needs. From single axles, to tandem duals, to drop n’ go bin systems, we have a dump trailer that will work as hard as you do. We are in it for the long haul!

Why Choose A Dump Trailer?

Most purchasers of Dumpboxes are businesses wanting to utilize the trailer to earn money, ensuring it does not break down and cause a loss of income with potentially costly repairs.

Many manufacturers create an “economy model” of dump trailer. There are several important factors that help compare and gauge the quality of a dump trailer:

1. Warranty

This indicates the extent to which a manufacturer stands behind their product. Most manufacturers have very limited warranty, covering little, which tends to include their fabrication of the trailer, excluding axles, tires, hydraulics, wiring, lights, & more. Come manufacturers don’t publicly advertise their warranty, some include only 60-day paint coverage.

Load Trail has the best warranty in the industry. Their 2-3-2 coverage is an industry leader, guaranteeing your investment.

2. Thickness of the Floor & Sides

Some models include 12 gauge (2.78mm) steel floor, along with 14 or 12 gauge (1.98mm-2.78mm) steel sides. This gauge of steel is extremely thin. In comparison, Load Trail’s dump trailers come standard with 10 gauge (3.57mm) floors and 10 gauge rib-formed sides for extra structural integrity.

3. Frame

The frame is extremely critical, as it is the backbone of any dumpbox, carrying the weight of material and supporting the lift system to dump. Most manufacturers use c-channel frame or thin-wall square tubing.

Our Load Trail models (even the smallest models) are H.D. I-Beam Frame Contractor’s models, with engineered structural support designed for scissor-lift systems, another critical component – this is easy to see. Simply compare the hoist system support structure and how the weight is distributed throughout the trailer frame.

4. Hydraulics

A critical factor to ensure you have the necessary power to lift the dumpbox, and shovelling out material won’t be necessary. The hoist system will only lift what the hydraulic pump can expel in pressure to the hydraulic cylinder. Some trailer dealers claim that having a power-up/gravity-down system saves battery life. In reality, power-up/gravity-down is just a cheaper system, saving cost for the dealer only.

Our Load Trail units use only hydraulic cylinders rated for more than the GVW of the trailer. They also come with power-up/power-down & emergency gravity-down. The emergency gravity-down is there for emergencies (Example: your towing vehicle is not charging the battery and the dump trailer is stuck in the “up” position).


Wiring is extremely critical. All of our Load Trail trailers come with Cold Weather Wiring Harnesses (Rated to -85c) and Severe Road Wiring package upgrade. On dump trailers, the gauge of wiring is critical to ensure maximum charging power to the 12-volt battery supplying the trailer. Our wiring is specifically made for this purpose.

6. Other Standard Features

Load Trail dumpboxes with 7,000b. (or larger) axles come with:

    • Custom-made tarp systems including tarp shield
    • The latest Sherwin Williams Epoxy Primer & Powder Coat Paint (2-Year Warranty)
    • D-Rings in the 4-corners of the box
    • 10,000lb. (12,000lb. static) front jacks
    • Adjustable height 2 5/16? coupler (Or Pintle hook coupler)
    • AC/DC Direct Charging System
    • All moving parts are equipped with grease zerks

7. Our Price Match Guarantee 

Spec for spec, no one beats our price, or we give you $200! Bring in a quote & we will show you the difference!

No matter which type of dump trailer you’re after, you’ll always find a quality selection with the knowledgeable staff at 4C’s Trailers Direct. We have two locations – High River and Edmonton, but we serve customers across Alberta & Canada.